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Digital Services Platform

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Transforming your thermal operations

What’s eating into your profits? Chances are you don’t have enough data to recognize where your thermal process is costing you money, or how you could improve dryer performance. Bühler Aeroglide’s Digital Services deliver well thought out Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions that provide immediate cost benefits and long term processing advantages.

Connecting your dryer to our thermal processing expertise opens up new avenues for growth and profitability, bringing your dryer to a whole new level of operational excellence.

Reduce Waste Reduce waste

Tools that reveal unseen trouble spots as well as hidden value

Save Energy Save energy

See exactly how much you're spending and how to improve performance

Improve Quality and Yield Improve product quality and yield

Full dryer automation, including monitoring, adjusting, as well as real time kill step verification

Increase Uptime, Prolong Dryer Life Increase uptime, prolong dryer life

A full suite of tools that make maintenance quicker and more regular, as well as making the most of your production time