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Digital Services Platform

With a subscription to the B-Essential tier of Bühler’s Digital Services you are enhancing the ability to improve your process by building upon the B-Edge gateway tier. The B-Essential tier are easy to add in modules which enhance your view of your dryer’s operation. With the basic analytical work completed, viewing of minute by minute operations or year to year comparisons are at your fingertips. This takes the guesswork out interpreting the complex data which is produced by your drying system as well as brings Bühler’s thermal process expertise as a foundation to ensuring optimal processing for every drying system.

  • Maintenance Logging
  • Alerts
  • Reports
  • Data Download
  • Historical Log View
  • Live View
  • Maintenance Minder
  • OPEX

Get started

Now is the time to get started transforming your thermal process and taking advantage of the benefits of digital services. For more information or to speak with a digital service expert, contact us at (919) 851-2000 or email