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Digital Services Platform

With a subscription to the B-Pro tier of Bühler’s Digital Services you are adding Bühler’s most powerful out of the box Digital Services to your equipment. These services couple, IIoT sensors, included reoccurring onsite support and included reoccurring remote monitoring services by Bühler’s experts in thermal processing. This tier links Bühler’s expertise in thermal processing to your daily operations. With a subscription to this tier , Bühler is actively joining your team to ensure every minute of your valuable production is completely optimized. You can rest easy knowing that Bühler is with you no matter the change, that your process is under control.

  • Moisture Pro
  • Calibration Pro
  • Process Pro
  • Energy Pro

Get started

Now is the time to get started transforming your thermal process and taking advantage of the benefits of digital services. For more information or to speak with a digital service expert, contact us at (919) 851-2000 or email